How ARC's Success Restrictor System Keeps Racing Exciting

ARC is renowned as "Australia's Entertainment Category," where the excitement of 4-wide racing takes center stage. But how does the ARC Category continually deliver the most exhilarating racing of any category? The cars' design, maximum speed, aerodynamics, grip levels, and their pint size are all key factors in ensuring ARC races are the best you'll see anywhere. However, Category Management has also implemented a special system that provides a small adjustment to a podium finisher's BHP for the following race. This process is called the Success Restrictor System.

When a driver secures a podium finish (First, Second, or Third) in a race, they earn a "Success Restrictor." This device slightly reduces the engine's power for the next race, adding an exciting challenge to maintain podium positions and ensuring a tighter, more competitive field. Success Restrictors stay in place until a driver finishes a race in 6th place or lower. With every 6th+ place finish, one Success Restrictor is removed, promoting fierce competition, unpredictable outcomes, and frequent lead changes. This dynamic fosters closely contested races and numerous different race winners during a single race weekend.

Wheel-to-wheel, door-to-door, 4-wide racing action is the hallmark of the Aussie Racing Cars category, and that's why spectators all over the world love to watch Aussie Racing Cars!

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2024 Schedule
Round 1
Bathurst 500
Supercars Championship
Feb 23-25
Round 2
Queensland Raceway
Australian Super Bike Championship
Apr 26-28
Round 3
Supercars Championship
May 17-19
Round 4
Townsville 500
Supercars Championship
July 5-7
Round 5
Symmons Plains
Supercars Championship
Aug 16-18
Round 6
Phillip Island Circuit
Australian Superbike Championship
Sep 7-8
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Gold Coast 500
Supercars Championship Championship
Oct 25-27