About The Cars


The Aussie Racing Car combines the very best of established racing technology assembled in a superbly engineered package that gives it amazing performance while being controlled in a one-design class where all cars are mechanically identical.

The competition is overseen by strictly controlled rules that are easy for competitors to understand and follow.7 different body styles cater to the liking of all tastes. Classic 40 Ford and FJ Holden body style for the nostalgia buffs while Ford Falcon, Holden Commodore, Toyota Aurion, GT Merc, Camero and Mustang replicate the latest model road going Marques…… all cars are approximately half the size of their full sized counterparts.

The drivers skill level is the determining factor for winning contention in Aussie Racing competition as the various performance characteristics of each body style is equalised by a unique system that has been perfected over many seasons of intense competition.


Cars are constructed on a purpose built steel tubular space frame chassis with integral roll cage construction that is 100% rigid to provide the very best performance and driver feed back. The entire chassis is designed and precisely manufactured to approved engineering specifications and FIA certified.

The lightweight composite body is a faithfully designed caricature of its full size counterpart featuring opening doors, boot and lift off front section. Powered by a 1.3 litre 135 BHP twin cam 16 valve engine that revs to 11500 RPM. the performance can only be described as amazing.

The 500 kg all up weight provides an incredible power to weight ratio that allows the little machine to rocket to a speed of well in excess of 230KPH. The Lap times achieved are staggering and on many circuits some corner speeds of these little cars are higher than even V8 Supercars. It is interesting to note that on Griffins bend at Bathurst(the fast right hand corner at the top of mountain straight) the cars achieve 2 g’s of lateral force.


They feature fully adjustable suspension geometry, huge brakes and controlled competition semi slick tyres that produce extremely high grip levels. The drivers experience behind the wheel is akin to the thrill and excitement normally only experienced by Formula Car racing drivers.

The many well known Supercar drivers who have featured behind the wheel of the cars all say they are better balanced and nicer to drive than their full sized V8 version.


All cars are hand built in the formula one style Aussie Racing Car factory and delivered to customers in ready to race form with a tried and tested chassis set up that will allow drivers who possess the appropriate talent to win races. Fully inspected and approved ready to race used cars with full new car chassis set up are also available from the factory.


The cockpit layout is purpose built and functional. The racing seat and five point racing harness holds the driver firmly and comfortably in place as the incredible cornering g-forces rocket the car off the corners. The steering is light, fast and precise with less than one turn lock to lock and requiring minimal steering input movement during racing.

The sequential gear lever falls easily to hand up close to the steering wheel and the carbon fibre dash displays the necessary instrumentation. The moulded carbon fibre interior fitment is integrated within the roll cage structure and adds to the overall finish of the drivers office.


The entire chassis design incorporates simplicity in suspension adjustment that caters for all drivers set up likings, it includes quick and easy adjustment for  camber, castor, sway bar, roll centre, ride height and corner weights etc. The balance of the car is so good that the finest of suspension adjustment will give any driver the feedback required to enable them to understand how to get the most from their car.


Brakes have simple front to rear bias adjustment. The factory team works very closely with every competitor assisting them to obtain the optimum chassis set up to suit their particular style of driving.  The category uses a controlled EBC high performance brake pad. 


Aussie Racing Cars are fitted with Kumho V700 205/60 R13 tyres which provide massive grip, are very cost effective at only $250 each and are durable in both wet and dry conditions.


Aussie Racing Cars are fitted with a high performance Yuasa Battery which provides exceptional cranking power to get the Yamaha engine started while providing a strong source of power for engine cooling, electric fuel pump and ancillary equipment.

2024 Schedule
Round 1
Bathurst 500
Supercars Championship
Feb 23-25
Round 2
Queensland Raceway
Australian Super Bike Championship
Apr 26-28
Round 3
Supercars Championship
May 17-19
Round 4
Townsville 500
Supercars Championship
July 5-7
Round 5
Symmons Plains
Supercars Championship
Aug 16-18
Round 6
Phillip Island Circuit
Australian Superbike Championship
Sep 7-8
Round 7
Gold Coast 500
Supercars Championship Championship
Oct 25-27