State Level Racing

State Level Racing

Aussie Racing Cars (ARC) is Australia’s largest national level motor racing Category and the largest manufacturer of racing cars in the southern hemisphere, and over the past 23+ years in Australia and New Zealand has produced 130+ vehicles.

In recent years and following the introduction of the “New Generation” of ARC cars which includes Toyota, Nissan, Cruze, Mercedes/Euro, Camaro and Mustang a number of owners of First Generation cars based in South Australia (being Commodore, Falcon, Ford Coupe and FJ Holden) have expressed interest in participating in state level racing.

While all of these cars remain eligible to participate in the national series, the Category Owner has facilitated a number of circuit races for these ‘older model’ ARC cars in the form of an SA State Series for Aussie Racing Cars.

The criteria for entry in the 2024 Aussie Racing Cars State Races is as follows:

Aussie Racing Cars Pty Ltd (ARC), the owner of all rights in the Category, Series or Series’ may in its ultimate discretion refuse any entry in accordance with the NCR’S of Motorsport Australia.

The Aussie Racing Cars State Series is operated by the Category Owner and is open to older model vehicles complying with the Technical Regulations issued by ARC and approved by Motorsport Australia.

The intention if this series is to allow those older ARC cars an opportunity to race in local events.  The events are not intended for New Generation ARC cars.

Camaro and Mustang cars are not permitted and any other "new generation" vehicles including Euro GT, Toyota, Nissan, Cruze) vehicles which are also fitted with water cooled engines must obtain separate approval from the CEO of Aussie Racing Cars before their entry is accepted.

2024 Schedule
Round 1
Bathurst 500
Supercars Championship
Feb 23-25
Round 2
Queensland Raceway
Australian Super Bike Championship
Apr 26-28
Round 3
Supercars Championship
May 17-19
Round 4
Townsville 500
Supercars Championship
July 5-7
Round 5
Symmons Plains
Supercars Championship
Aug 16-18
Round 6
Phillip Island Circuit
Australian Superbike Championship
Sep 7-8
Round 7
Gold Coast 500
Supercars Championship Championship
Oct 25-27