Darren Chamberlin, Former Aussie Racing Car National Champion, Returns for the Grand Finale in New Zealand

Aussie Racing Cars fans, get ready to witness an electrifying comeback as former National Champion, Darren Chamberlin, and proud stepfather of the reigning champion, Josh Anderson, rejoins the grid for the thrilling climax of the 2023 Championship. The much-anticipated event will take place at the iconic Highlands Motorsport Park in New Zealand.

Chamberlin, whose name is synonymous with Aussie Racing Cars excellence, is set to make a triumphant return to the championship he once dominated. His comeback is a testament to his unwavering passion for the sport and the competitive spirit that has defined his career.

Darren Chamberlin is no stranger to victory, having clinched the Aussie Racing Cars National Championship title in 2014. His illustrious career boasts numerous race wins and memorable moments. His return is sure to inject an extra dose of excitement into an already exciting season.

"I'm thrilled to be back on the Aussie Racing Cars grid for the final event of the 2023 Championship, and I'm incredibly proud of Josh's achievements in Aussie Racing Cars. He's proven himself as a formidable talent, and I couldn't be happier to share the track with him as he competes for the championship title."

Darren Chamberlin's history with Highlands Motorsport Park is marked by a memorable moment. In 2015, he piloted a car bearing race number1 at Highlands Motorsport Park, marking his first round as the defending champion. Unfortunately, during that race, Chamberlin came to grief on the Highlands bridge, crashing in spectacular fashion. The Toyota Aurion-bodied car he began the 2015 championship with was later upgraded to the new Camaro shape ,along with an all-new chassis, following the Highlands crash. During that season, Chamberlin secured corporate sponsorship from the Darrell Lea Confectionery Company, proudly carrying their branding for the remainder of the season

As we look forward to the season finale at Highlands Motorsport Park, Chamberlin’s return echoes the rich history of Aussie Racing Cars. It's a reminder that the passion for racing and the drive to compete never truly fade.

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