Round 1 of the 2015 ARC championship at Highlands motorsport park NZ represented a dream debut for the WSM team in the Aussie racing cars championship for 2015.

Team WSM  came into the 2015 championship year with somewhat of an open mind to how they would go in terms of being competitive in their first year. In the off season we managed to strike a deal with fellow Western Sydney driver Craig Woods to bring his car into our team and become our lead driver in our 3 car setup. Craig is actually driving ARC chassis #103 in 2015 whilst our Rookie driver Grant Thompson drives Craig’s old chassis from last year.

We were very impressed with Craig’s testing results in the off season. His awareness and knowledge of all of the lead drivers strengths and weaknesses and his ability to adapt to our team environment so early in the piece gave us an air of confidence but the way he drove the new mustang #64 in NZ , being consistently among the lead drivers, showing patience, diverting his car away from trouble and racing hard for positions when it got tough  just showed us how he has matured into one of the main threats to the 2015 title.

Without overstating the obvious I don’t think anyone really gave our team a chance to win the round in NZ however as we worked our way through the practise and Qualifying Sessions internally we knew we had struck onto a formula to get the very Best out of Craig’s driving and we couldn’t be more proud of his achievement. Said Team Principal Craig Thompson

Western Sydney Motorsport is a three car Ford mustang bodied team which is run in partnership with Terry Bull Racing. Terry who oversees the preparation and maintains the cars over the race weekend has had over 40 years’ experience in the racing game both in Australia and Europe.

We are a Western Sydney team with sponsorship backing from Sinclair Ford, Gasweld, Penrith Car service and  Hertz Parramatta, all are products of the greater western Sydney area and we have 3 drivers which are all local products. Its our goal to help develop not only an awareness of the benefits and excitement of the Aussie racing car series but motor racing in general in the western Sydney Area and to be an avenue to help develop young local talent in the motorsport environment.