A 38 car field is ready to go at Sydney Motorsport Park

Car # Sponsor Driver State Body Type Colour
1 Darrell Lea STIX Darren Chamberlin NSW Camaro Black / Orange
2 Moneypennys Ben Walsh QLD Euro GT Black
4 Variety Group Brendon Tucker QLD Falcon White
7 ExoDrill Myles Bond SA Toyota Aurion Green
8 www.forgieevents.com Matthew  Lynch QLD Commodore White
9 Ruthie Racer Racing Ruth Bowler VIC Ford Coupe White
10 RDA Brakes James Duckworth NSW Euro GT White
17 Muswellbrook Cinema / Hertz Robert Motbey NSW Nissan Altima White
19 Automotive Holdings Group Damien Flack QLD Euro GT Black
20 A GAS National Adrian Flack QLD Euro GT Black
21 Lend Me/Miska Motorsport Greg Miskiewicz WA Toyota Aurion Blue
28 VIP Petfoods Kent Quinn QLD Holden Cruze Black
29 Derek Pingel Racing “Spirit of Lockyer” Brendon Pingel QLD Holden Cruze Yellow / White
30 The Torque Team Grant Ludbey QLD Euro GT Yellow
53 Allen Smith Racing Allen Smith QLD Falcon Yellow / Black
42 HBR Brake Recondioning Trent Young NSW Toyota Aurion Blue
54 Horsley Park Gun Shop James Abela NSW Toyota Aurion Silver
55 Pipeline Xray Logistics John Reynolds NSW Mustang Green
56 TBA TBA TBA QLD Cruze Red
61 Mako Sunglasses Peter  Carr NSW Toyota Aurion Silver/blue
63 Uebergang Racing Adam Uebergang QLD Euro GT Black
64 Western Sydney Motorsport Craig Woods NSW Mustang Black
65 The Torque Team Glenn McNamara QLD Commodore Yellow
66 Thermal Edge Coating Paul Rooks QLD Cruze White
57 Sean Rose Motorsport Sean Rose QLD Nissan Altima white
68 Western Sydney Motorsport Blake Sciberras QLD Toyota Aurion White
71 Mosen Motors / Hertz Michael Rinkin NSW Nissan Altima Black
74 Masini Racing Darrin Masini NSW Euro GT Black
72 Western Sydney Motorsport Craig Thompson NSW Mustang Black
78 Western Sydney Motorsport Grant Thompson NSW Mustang Black
88 City Holden Racing Glenn Boyd SA Holden Cruze White
88 Hertz Chris Stevenson VIC Nissan Altima White/Yellow
91 Griffith Corporation, Iveco, Vawdrey & Adtrans Mark Griffith QLD Euro GT Silver
99 Ice Break Racing Harley Haber NSW Falcon White
100 Aussie Racing Cars Tony Quinn QLD Mustang Blue
96 Advantage Motorsport Jeff Watters VIC Nissan Altima Red
TBA Masini Racing Maurice Masini NSW Euro GT Red / Silver
111 ACE Construction Group Adam  Casuccio NSW Falcon Silver