James Duckworth (RDA Brakes / Rinkin Motorsport) has won the Aussie Racing Cars Championship by 1 point in one of the hardest fort battles in the 18 year history of the category.

Series results below:

2017 Championship Result:

5th :         Craig Woods (320 points)

4th:          Jaie Robson (320 points)

3rd:         Blake Scibeeras (333 points)

2nd:         Kel Treseder (337 points)

1st:          James Duckworth (338 points)

2017 Rookie Award

3rd:         Kyle Ensbey

2nd:         Joel Heindrich

1st:           Jaie Robson

2017 Gold Cup Trophy

 3rd:         Michael Rinkin

2nd:          Jeff Watters

1st:          Brendon Tucker

2017 Masters Cup

5th           Emma Clark

4th           Craig Dontas (not attending)

3rd           Adam Cassucio (not attending)

2nd           Craig Thompson

1st            Leigh Bowler