Heading up to the Bathurst 1000 from our base in Western Sydney we had high hopes for a good showing on our first outing there. In reality we were plagued with problems from the outset. A failed engine ignition for car #78 (Grant Thompson) in qualifying, and blown gearbox for car #72 (Craig Thompson) in race 1 and an engine change for #64 (Craig Woods) after qualifying in search of some additional power created lots of distraction for us and we weren’t able to gain any type of decent momentum over the weekend.

We weren’t alone in this department with all the teams having to deal with race 2 being cancelled and race 3 being declared a non race after the serious crash involving our Fellow competitor Damien Flack.

On debrief of the meeting it has become quite clear that in our first year we are still “searching for the formula” to be consistent it’s been very up and down for us we have made lots of changes from meet to meet and at this stage haven’t quite got our cars to where we want them to be, but our resolve is still there. With our front running driver Craig Woods unfortunately having a DNF after coming together with Sam Milton at Reid PARK in race four it puts us back in the field in terms of championship running.

On a positive note our view for the rest of the year is to experiment a little now and push really hard to get some personal results for all the drivers. The number one shining point for us over the weekend was the continued strong development of our Rookie driver Blake Sciberras , finishing in a top 10 position for the round. Blake is a very humble shy young man and isn’t comfortable with getting such praise but we are very proud of his efforts in such a short space of time.

On behalf of all of the WSM drivers and support crew we would like to wish Damien and his family all the best during his recovery and a special mention to Brad Ward and his team for keeping everyone informed on his well being after such a huge incident. We look forward to some good hard racing at Phillip Island next month.