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2016 Series Winners

After all the racing across two countries and 5 states and territories was all said and done the following stood out from the rest as the class winners for 2016. 1st Outright - James Duckworth 292pts 2nd Outright - Craig Woods 285pts 3rd Outright - Kel Treseder 281pts 4th Outright - Ben Walsh 270pts 5th Outright - Brendon Pingel 264pts   Masters Cup 1st Ben Walsh 300pts 2nd Grant Ludbey 300pts (countback) 3rd Craig Thompson 282pts 4th Grant Thompson 281pts 5th Leigh Bowler 275pts Gold Cup 1st Brendon Tucker 302pts 2nd Jeff Watters 294pts 3rd Glenn McNamara 293pts 4th Michael Rinkin 280pts 5th Ian Chivas 224pts Rookies Trophy 1st Kel Treseder 303pts 2nd Zac Best 286pts 3rd Leigh Bowler 266pts 4th Reece Chapman 248pts 5th…

Round 6 Hampton Downs NZ Entry List

A 31 car field of Aussie racing Cars are ready to race at Hampton Downs, New Zealand Oct 28-30 (more…)