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1James Duckworth515046102249
2Craig Woods50514794242
3Blake Sciberras46494898241
4Luke Fraser454149100235
5Chris Stevenson44464190221
6Brendon Tucker48454088221
7Adam Casuccio47434282214
8Jeff Watters42423984207
9Kel Treseder27485180206
10Reece Chapman39404574198
11Sam Milton43233786189
12Jaie Robson25224496187
13Charlotte Poynting40363576187
14Adam Uebergang22254392182
15Scott O’Keefe38393668181
16Cobi Rotaunay49443844175
17Craig Thompson24383478174
18Michael Rinkin41333364171
19Ben Walsh26475046169
20Leigh Bowler37372172167
21Sam Chester35293270166
22Glenn Boyd36342958157
23Emma Clark32323062156
24Bill Hynes34352854151
25Ross Higgins29302560144
26Ruth Bowler31312356141
27Grant Thompson23212766137
28Madison Dunston33242652135
29Layton Barker28262450128
30Todd O’Brien30272248127
31Troy Dontas21283142122
1Jaie Robson515149102253
2Blake Sciberras495051100250
3Kel Treseder47484898241
4Chris Stevenson43444796230
5Joel Heinrich46465088230
6Craig Woods50493990228
7James Duckworth48453592220
8Reece Chapman45434686220
9Ben Walsh41473494216
10Leigh Bowler40374484205
11Madison Dunston34424280198
12Charlotte Poynting36344382195
13Craig Thompson38413874191
14Brendon Tucker42383278190
15Grant Thompson39363672183
16Emma Clark33354170179
17Sam Chester37314066174
18Ruth Bowler32333768170
19Jeff Watters404576161
20Darren Chamberlin443233109
21Michael Rinkin353931105
22Ian Chivas313061
23Ross Higgins3030
1Craig Woods515149102253
2Jaie Robson484948100245
3James Duckworth49504798244
4Kel Treseder50475096243
5Reece Chapman46455194236
6Chris Stevenson44444590223
7Blake Sciberras47483092217
8Travis Sharpe45464672209
9Brendon Tucker42403184197
10Craig Thompson41413382197
11Grant Thompson39393280190
12Charlotte Poynting40424364189
13Leigh Bowler35384074187
14Jeff Watters37304178186
15Sam Chester36363876186
16Kent Quinn30333488185
17Michael Rinkin34374270183
18Alex Barboutis43433560181
19Emma Clark31353768171
20Ian Chivas38323962171
21Ruth Bowler32313666165
22Sheldon Creed8686
23Bill Hynes333467
24Robby Gordon4444
1Peter Carr505051102253
2Craig Woods484946100243
3James Duckworth49484596238
4Blake Sciberras46464790229
5Jaie Robson51512898228
6Reece Chapman47444394228
7Kel Treseder34475092223
8Chris Stevenson42424886218
9Brendon Tucker44364288210
10Troy Dontas41394182203
11Adam Uebergang33454974201
12Ben Wilcox32434084199
13Leigh Bowler37283980184
14Cobi Rontaunay45414454184
15Dale Dunston39313478182
16Jeff Watters35373376181
17Pawel Faber38343772181
18Joshua Anderson43402960172
19Emma Clark40303268170
20Craig Thompson29353864166
21Madison Dunston31323170164
22David Makin36293066161
23Ian Chivas27333662158
24Charlotte Poynting28382758151
25Grant Thompson303556121
1James Duckworth515150102254
2Kel Treseder505048100248
3Blake Sciberras45494798239
4Jaie Robson49475188235
5Chris Stevenson43464594228
6Craig Woods48443992223
7Brendon Tucker42454684217
8Reece Chapman44384982213
9Peter Carr46264496212
10Joel Heinrich47482590210
11Leigh Bowler40434278203
12Adam Casuccio41274386197
13Bruce Duckworth37404074191
14Kyle Ensbey33423480189
15Craig Thompson39413572187
16Tony Quinn24394176180
17Scott O’Keefe26363368163
18Charlotte Poynting36373752162
19Michael Rinkin38353650159
20Ian Chivas30342864156
21Sam Chester28313062151
22Jeff Watters31302960150
23Phil Ward34283846146
24Madison Dunston23322466145
25Adam Clark35253154145
26Pawel Faber32333248145
27Ross Higgins27292758141
28Emma Clark25242656131
29David Makin292370122

Race event still to come. Check back after the event for race results.

Race event still to come. Check back after the event for race results.

PosDriverRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Rnd 4Rnd 5Rnd 6Rnd 7Total
1James Duckworth5145494951245
2Craig Woods5046515046243
3Blake Sciberras4950454849241
4Jaie Robson4051504748236
5Kel Treseder4349484550235
6Chris Stevenson4748464447232
7Reece Chapman4244474644223
8Brendon Tucker4638434345215
9Leigh Bowler3242393941193
10Craig Thompson3539423237185
11Jeff Watters4433383630181
12Charlotte Poynting3940402834181
13Emma Clark2936333324155
14Sam Chester31353731134
15Michael Rinkin34313533133
16Grant Thompson25374127130
17Madison Dunston24413128124
18Ian Chivas30322932123
19Peter Carr514394
20Ruth Bowler26343191
21Joel Heinrich474289
22Adam Casuccio454085
23Ross Higgins27292581
24Adam Uebergang384179
25Ben Walsh334376
26Cobi Rontaunay363874
27Scott O’Keefe373572
28Troy Dontas214263
29Pawel Faber352661
30Bill Hynes282957
31David Makin302353
32Luke Fraser4848
33Travis Sharpe4444
34Sam Milton4141
35Ben Wilcox4040
36Bruce Duckworth3939
37Kyle Ensbey3838
38Dale Dunston3737
39Kent Quinn3636
40Tony Quinn3636
41Alex Barboutis3434
42Joshua Anderson3434
43Darren Chamberlin3232
44Glenn Boyd3030
45Sheldon Creed3030
46Phil Ward2929
47Robby Gordon2828
48Adam Clark2727
49Layton Barker2323
50Todd O’Brien2222
PosDriverRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Rnd 4Rnd 5Rnd 6Rnd 7Total
1Leigh Bowler26461028
2Craig Thompson44101423
3Adam Casuccio10616
4Ben Walsh31013
5Grant Thompson136111
6Troy Dontas11011
7Emma Clark122218
8Sam Milton66
9Pawel Faber325
10Dale Dunston44
11Ruth Bowler1113
12Kent Quinn33
13Adam Clark33
14David Makin112
15Todd O’Brien11
16Glenn Boyd11
PosDriverRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Rnd 4Rnd 5Rnd 6Rnd 7Total
1Brendon Tucker101010101050
2Jeff Watters6466123
3Sam Chester364114
4Michael Rinkin433313
5Ian Chivas224210
6Bruce Duckworth66
7Tony Quinn44
8Bill Hynes213
9Ross Higgins1113
10Phil Ward11
PosDriverRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Rnd 4Rnd 5Rnd 6Rnd 7Total
1Jaie Robson610101036
2Luke Fraser1010
3Cobi Rontaunay448
4Troy Dontas167
5Ross Higgins246
6Joel Heinrich66
7Travis Sharpe66
8Bill Hynes325
9Alex Barboutis44
10Sheldon Creed33
11Dale Dunston33
12Pawel Faber22
13Layton Barker11
14Robby Gordon11
15David Makin11
16Joshua Anderson11
PosDriverRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Rnd 4Rnd 5Rnd 6Rnd 7Total
1Charlotte Poynting1061041040
2Emma Clark64610430
3Madison Dunston3106625
4Ruth Bowler43411
PosTeamRnd 1Rnd 2Rnd 3Rnd 4Rnd 5Rnd 6Rnd 7Total
1WSM Team 110101010646
2Sean Rose Motorsport66661034
3Rinkin Motorsport4343418
4WSM Team 22434215