Miss any of the action from Round Five of the Aussie Racing Car Championship at Sydney Motorsport Park?  You can read all about it below.

A gallery of images can be seen on the Aussie Racing Car Facebook Page.

Sunday Report Races 2-3-4

JAMES DUCKWORTH (RDA Brakes Camaro) continued his great form with another two scratch race wins today, as well as a second in the reverse top-14 grid event.

On two occasions, he had to concede the early running to Kel Treseder (The Kart Centre/Team Navy Camaro) but overcame that for clear victories. Treseder finished second overall while Blade Sciberras (Investment Homes Millennium Building Group Mustang) was third.

Treseder led the first three laps of race two before Duckworth took over for the duration. In a gripping dice for third, Robson ultimately won out over Sciberras but was penalised five seconds for starting prematurely and thus relegated to fifth behind Sciberras and Joel Heinrich (Cruze).

Series leader Craig Woods (KIA Penrith Mustang) spun on the first corner but fought back to eighth behind the Camaros driven by Chris Stevenson and Brendon Tucker. Separate spins for Charlotte Poynting (Camaro) and Madison Dunston (Aurion) on lap eight put them down the order while Peter Carr (Mustang), prominent in race one, had his engine die on the final lap.

In the reversed grid affair, it was Robson who secured victory, holding on ahead of Duckworth while Reece Chapman (Camaro) fended off Treseder, Sciberras, Stevenson and Carr.

It was another difficult race for Woods who was turned around twice, finishing in 13th. There was a safety car when Heinrich went off into the tyres at turn 3 and Ian Chivas (Altima) and Dunston spun separately at turn 2.

The last race had an early safety car when Pawel Faber (Euro GT) and Phil Ward (Mustang) came to grief at turn 6. Duckworth passed Treseder for the lead at turn 6 just prior to that and carried the momentum on to a clear win over Robson, Treseder and Sciberras.

Robson was relegated to eighth with a five-second penalty, leaving Carr fourth in front of Stevenson, Woods and Heinrich.

Saturday Report Race One

SYDNEY MOTORSPORT PARK continued to be good for James Duckworthwho took out the opening race of the Aussie Racing Cars Championship Series fifth round there today.

The RDA Brakes Camaro driver won two races at SMP last year to secure the title, and this time, led every lap of the shortened first race after gaining the lead. That followed a four-wide charging contest through the sweeping turn 1 off the start.

Jaie Robson (National Fire and Safety Camaro) made a great start to overtake Kel Treseder (The Kart Centre Camaro) who was quick to reclaim second before the opening lap had expired. Craig Woods (KIA Penrith Mustang) also relegated Robson while Peter Carr (Mustang) headed Blake Sciberras (Mustang), Joel Heinrich (Cruze) and Chris Stevenson (Camaro).

Robson executed a similar move off a restart following a safety car, and again Treseder quickly redressed. The full race caution period was brought about when Adam Clark (Altima) and Madison Dunston (Aurion) both spun at turn 1, unfortunately the latter couldn’t get going again. During this period Tony Quinn’s Mustang expired near turn 6.

Series leader coming into the round, Woods was in the mix, jousting with Robson before finishing fourth, ahead of the Heinrich who got the better of Woods’ team mate Sciberras, and they were followed to the line by the Camaros piloted by Reece Chapman, Chris Stevenson and Brendon Tucker.

Duckworth also set a new lap record, 1:42.9783

Friday Report – Qualifying and Practice

WHEN THE engine let go out of the gates in the early morning practice session, the current number one plate holder, James Duckworth had his work cut out, making the fifth round Aussie Racing Cars Championship Series qualifying at Sydney Motorsport Park.

Not only did he get an engine change done, but he was the fastest in the very windy session that mattered, posting the fastest two laps of the session with a best of 1 minute 43.5112 seconds. “I went out early and hard for the wind just made the track conditions worse,” said the RDA Brakes Camaro driver.

Second fastest was Kel Treseder in the The Kart Centre/Team Navy Camaro which wasn’t without practice problems either. “We had about 80 percent throttle due to a cable to the carburetor,” he elaborated.

Third fastest and taking a break from his off road and side-by-side racing was Peter Carr (Erina Fair Medical Centre Mustang) while Craig Woods(Mustang) overcame a spin following contact with team mate Blake Sciberras out of turn two. The latter finished the session sixth with Jaie Robson (Camaro) slotted in between.

Rounding out the top ten were Joel Heinrich (Cruze), the Camaros driven by Chris Stevenson and Brendon Tucker, and Adam Casuccio (Aurion). Three drivers had laps invalidated for overstepping the track limits, being Sam Chester (Commodore), Scott O’Keeffe (Altima) and Adam Casuccio (Aurion) who finished eleventh.

While most were still contemplating arising for the day, the pocket rockets were on track for their lone practice outing. It was cool but with less wind and the conditions suited with Woods fastest on 1 minute 43.2765 seconds ahead of Carr, Robson and Sciberras.

A gallery of images can be seen on the Aussie Racing Car Facebook Page.