Sunday Wrap Round 7 Pukekohe Park Raceway

Race Three saw the top ten starters reversed on the grid, normally there would be a full reverse grid but it was deemed the track is too fast and mayhem may ensue! Chris Stevenson (Hertz Camaro) was on pole but got swamped in the first few laps dropping back to 9th by flag fall, Kyle Clews (Darrell Lea STIX / Rinkin Racing Nissan Altima) started well and lead the race for a couple of laps chasing hard was Angus Fogg ( Holden Cruze), Grant Ludbey (The Torque Team Euro GT) and Blake Sciberras (Millennium Building Group Mustang).

Sciberras made a jump on the field on lap three and took the lead through to the chequered flag, on the final lap Kel Treseder (KKP Motorsport Camaro) made a lunge to pass Sciberras into the back chicane but came unstuck and locked up sliding into Sciberras causing him to leave the track and re-join at the hairpin, “I charged up the inside but couldn’t pull it up and ran into Blake, I’ve been over to apologise for my mistake” said Treseder after the race. This was Sciberras’ first win in the Aussie Racing Cars Championship, “that was a tough race but really happy to take the win” said Sciberras.

Treseder finished second after a great run from fifth, behind was James Duckworth (RDA Brakes / Rinkin Racing Nissan Altima) and Grant Ludbey and Peter Carr (Erina Fair Medical Centre Toyota Aurion), with Brendon Pingel (Spirit of Lockyer Holden Cruze) completing the top six. Mark Tarrant (Tuggeranong Trans & Brake) failed to finish in his Ford Coupe after the clutch failed and he lost drive, an engine swap was required before the last race.

The final race for the 2016 Series was another standout performance by Western Sydney Motorsports youngster Blake Sciberras starting out of third he remained there for half the race before working his way past Carr and then Treseder with three laps to spare. Treseder held out Carr to secure second spot and Outright Winner for the weekend.

Sciberras was second for the round with James Duckworth third overall. Carr came fourth in the last race with Craig Woods behind him and Grant Ludbey in sixth completing a positive weekend for himself and The Torque Team. Brendan Pingel failed to finish after contact early in the race that saw apparent damage to the front left wheel sending him off the track.

Round 7 Winners
1st Kel Treseder
2nd Blake Sciberras
3rd James Duckworth

Classic Award (Older Cars, replaced Rookie this round only): Reece Chapman
Ladies Trophy: Charlotte Poynting
Gold Cup: Angus Fogg
Masters Cup: Grant Ludbey
Teams Trophy: Western Sydney Motorsport

Saturday Wrap Round 7 Pukekohe

The Aussie Racing Cars had two races yesterday around the exciting Pukekohe Park Raceway and again without fail the racing was fast, bumpy and very entertaining, the Kiwi crowd have been fantastic and have embraced the class tremendously. All day long the ARC pits have been filled with fans keen to get a look at Australia’s largest one make series.

The newly crowned 2016 Champion James Duckworth got his weekend off to a good start, having qualified fourth he soon moved forward to take control of the race and by lap four was setting the pace and remained in front for the 12 laps, hard on his heels was Kel Treseder and Craig Woods, both hungry for the win, at flag fall Treseder kept Woods behind him. In fourth was Wood’s team mate Blake Sciberras with Peter Carr rounding out the top five.

The Pukekohe track very much suits the Aussie Racing Cars and this was displayed during both races with the classes unique pack racing 2-3 wide through many of the 11 turns.

In Race Two the same three protagonists were fighting for the lead with multiple changes through the race. Woods, Treseder and Duckworth were all determined to get top spot on the podium despite this event being a non-championship event.

Duckworth and Treseder got the jump on Woods and went into turn one side by side, Woods beat his team mate Sciberras off the line with Brendon Pingel right behind them. On the second lap Grant Ludbey had a huge slide through turn one with full opposite lock half way through the corner.

Woods got by Duckworth on the fourth lap to then lead the rest of the race from Duckworth with Treseder just behind him, Carr was home in fourth followed by Sciberras, with Pingel in sixth.

Friday Wrap Pukekohe Park Raceway Round 7

The Aussie Racing Cars put on a great display to the Pukekohe Park visitors yesterday, the day started out wet but the pocket rockets were the fifth class on the track so it had dried out mostly. In short time the fastest drivers had the lap times tumbling.

Brendon Pingel (RJ’s Licorice Holden Cruze) was fastest for practice from Western Sydney Motorsports Blake Sciberras in the Mustang with Peter Carr (Erina Fair Medical Centre Toyota Aurion) in third. Pingel’s time of 1:15.1325 became the benchmark but was soon to tumble in qualifying.

A completely dry track greeted the cars for qualifying, the track had seemed to rubbered up well so the track was fast, “bumpy but fast” several drivers remarked.

Early in the session newly crowned champion James Duckworth (RDA Brakes / Rinkin Racing Nissan Altima) set the pace with Sciberras and Craig Woods (Western Sydney Motorsport Mustang) on his heels, also chasing hard and looking for a few extra tenths of speed was Carr.

The session was interrupted halfway through when Ruth Bowler (Ruthie Racer Racing Ford Coupe) came unstuck at turn one and was unable to re-join.

When the green flag came out for the session to re-start the Mustangs of Western Sydney Motorsport’s Craig Woods and Sciberras recorded the quickest times, Woods set a new qualifying lap record of 1:13.6844 from his team mates 1:13.7963, they were the only two cars to crack the 1:13’s. Kel Treseder (KKP Motorsport Camaro) was third fastest, starting next to him in race one will be Duckworth. In fifth place was Pingel with Kyle Clews (Darrell Lea STIX / Rinkin Racing Nissan Altima) rounding out the top six places. Carr could only manage 8th with Grant Ludbey (The Torque Team Euro GT) quicker in 7th.

Joining the class for the first time this year and showing he is still fast is the 2014 Champion Darren Chamberlain who came home in 9th.

The Aussie Racing Cars have two races today, the first is at 11.05am with race two set to start at 1.25pm (local times) just prior to the Supercars first race here at Pukekohe.