Race  2

Hmm OK we described Race One as one of our most exciting.  How should we describe race two?   EVEN more exciting, from the time the red lights went out to flag fall there were battles all through the field, and again especially at the head of the field.  Initially Tim Macrow had the jump on the field and pulled a few car lengths ahead of Paul Morris, Adam Uebergang and Brendan Pingel.  But Morris soon got by Macrow to take the lead.

Soon Morris and Uebergang were again battling, Macrow dropped off and Pingel sat back waiting for the front two to either come off or slow each other down with their constant lead changes. Close behind was James Abela and Darren Chamberlin, dicing with Adrian Flack and James Duckworth.

Again it came down to the last corner, Uebergang looked to have it in the bag, “I was saying to myself you’ve got it, don’t mess it up in the last turn, unfortunately I was a bit fast and he [Morris] slipped down the inside of me, I didn’t even see him pass me”, said Uebergang afterwards.  Brendan Pingel had the momentum to pass Uebergang too, “had we had another 100mtrs I reckon I would have passed them both” commented Pingel.