MAURICE MASINI weathered the onslaught of Adrian Flack to win the first race of the fifth round of the AUSSIE RACE CARS CHAMPIONSHIP at Bathurst this morning.

Masini started his Penrith Car Sales Ford Mustang-bodied racer from pole position and went straight to the lead of the seven-lap event while fellow front row starter James Abela only moved a couple of centimetres when his Horsley Park Gun Shop Toyota Aurion lost drive. Fortunately he was not collected by any of the 31 starters behind him and eventually managed to get mobile before pulling off the track halfway through the first lap.

In the meantime Flack (A Gas National Euro GT) moved to second spot, ahead of Brendon Pingel (Spirit of Lockyer Holden Cruze) while Damien Flack (Automotive Holdings Group Euro GT) briefly slotted into fourth.

Over the ensuing laps Masini and Adrian Flack were glued together while Pingel shadowed the battling duo, waiting for his own opportunity. On the third lap Flack hit the lead, but for only a brief period as Masini repassed on Conrod Straight.

Ultimately Flack had another crack into the Chase on the final lap. But he misjudged his braking and hit the back of Masini who managed to keep his car together and win. Flack had front end damage, sufficient enough for Pingel to sneak past for second place.

The trio finished 8.1 seconds up the road from a multi-car battle where Damien Flack eventually regathered fourth, just ahead of Ben Walsh (Euro GT), Darren Chamberlin (Chev Camaro) and Adam Uebergang (Euro GT) while Jon McCorkindale (Mustang) released himself from the following group, caught this bunch and displaced Tony Quinn (Mustang) late in the race.

Trent Young (Altima) finished tenth ahead of James Duckworth (Euro GT), Mark Griffith (Euro GT), Chris Stevenson (Altima), Craig Woods (Mustang) and Sam Milton (Aurion).