Race two was the first points race for 2015 and where we left off last year with tough hard racing, some would have been tricked into thinking that the boys and one girl would start off a bit more sedate, well no is the short answer.
In the sport, we say we are not racing for sheep stations, and seen as we are in New Zealand and we are surrounded by Sheep Stations thats what happened. In what has to be one of the most tough fought races, we had races within the race, a cliche we know but thats what happened, as the red light went out all hell broke loose and the ride for the first corner, the bus stop we had pocket rockets three and four wide, with a couple having to overshoot the corner.
There is no other way to explain it there was carnage! Peter Carr tagged the back of Brendon Pingel after the bridge in the mid stages of the race which spun him into the middle of the track where Tony Quinn was unable to avoid Pingel and T-Boning into the side of the Lockyer Valley car. both cars sustaining major damage, Pingel received a bump to his elbow and it was reported Quinn was a bit shaken, as we published this story tonight the cars were being repair for tomorrow. Carr was given a 60 second race penalty. Simon Smith also received a time penalty of 5 seconds for a jump start.
Adam Uebergang was unable to avoid Pingel too which saw his chassis bent and the fibreglass front of the car destroyed, and Mike Rinkin reported he managed a double pirouette over on the back straight. Jeff Watters also came together with someone which resulted in him spinning backwards in fourth gear, the force of suddenly going backwards shattered the flywheel.
Amongst all of this last years champ Darren Chamberlin banked the most points for this race in first place from Craig Woods and James Duckworth. Simon Smith, Brendon Tucker and Mark Griffo Griffith rounding out the top 6 places. And again the lap record dropped with Duckworth setting a new time of 1:52.301.
Race four tomorrow is a full reverse grid (oh dear!!) but prior to this there is a Grid walk where the public has been invited to come down off the hill and join the cars, crew and drivers on track another great initiative by Highlands Motorsport Park NZ.