The first race for the weekend was actually qualifying for the next race, so there are no points awarded, the pocket rockets looked the part at Highlands Motorsport Park, nestled under the Southern Ranges (Mountains!) the cars are well suited to the 4.5km circuit. Brendan Pingel was off pole but didn’t manage to get the power down off the line and was swamped by Andrew Waite (NZ), Peter Carr, Craig Woods and Darren Chamberlin, although Pingel fought back to third with a late under brakes pass on Woods at the final hairpin. Woods commented “I was getting a bit nervous as the rain was coming down again, plus it was only qualifying”.

Track knowledge proved key to Highlands professional driver Andrew Waite, although second place Peter Carr reckons he’s got Waites measure and has already worked out where to pass him! Waite was able to hold off Carr in the final laps and after an incident that saw Craig Thompson hit the entry to the bridge (he’s fine, car being fixed for the next race) it took away one of the main passing points.

Carr also set a new track record in this race of 1:53.309.

Last years Champion Chamberlin is set to start off row 3 alongside Queenslander Adam Uebergang. Highlands Motorsport Park owner Tony Quinn starts off position 7. A building crowd here have been quite surprised by the speed of our little cars. Race two is at 3.55pm local time.