A full reverse grid is always going to be, well exciting and thats what we got this time, race control tried to control the mayhem by breaking the field into 3 groups with a staggered start, 5 second intervals, they all caught up pretty quickly.
Darren Chamberlin made contact with the bridge early in the race, his car was badly damaged, with Chamberlin going to Hospital for observation after passing out, he returned to the circuit after, “its weird, one minute I was flying towards the bridge, BANG, and then I was like hmm where am I, I’m ok now” he commented On the restart Andrew Waite (NZ) collided with Phil Ward which launched Waite sideways and causing the car to roll, again the car sustained substantial damage.
Adam Uebergang came out on top after the two restarts with Brendon Pingel in second and Chris Stevenson rounding out third.


ARC at Highlands NZ