Aussie Racing Cars teams up with CAMS to support women’s participation in motor sport

The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport has reinforced its strong commitment to women’s participation in motor sport by lending its support to the Aussie Racing Cars Women’s Cup presented by CAMS.

CAMS’ endorsement of the title also extends to two major prizes, which will be presented to the series’ leading lady.

Not only will the winner of the Aussie Racing Cars Women’s Cup presented by CAMS be invited to attend the annual CAMS Motor Sport Awards Gala Dinner in Melbourne to receive the trophy, she will also be awarded a $2000 Virgin Australia Travel Voucher.

The title represents an elevation in the status of the Ladies’ Cup, which was created in 2016 as a response to the boom in female participation in the driving ranks of the Aussie Racing Cars Series.

Category stalwart Ruth Bowler was joined on the grid by Emma Clark, Charlotte Poynting, and Madison Dunston, making Aussie Racing Cars the first national level category to field four female drivers.

Bowler last year notched up her 200th race in the category after debuting in 2008, Clark is a long-time state level racer, and both Poynting and Dunston are young up-and-comers from the ranks of karting who are looking to forge a career in motor sport.

All four have returned in 2017 and will be eligible for the Aussie Racing Cars Women’s Cup, which rookie-season race winner Poynting is currently leading.

Aussie Racing Cars category owner Tony Quinn welcomed the initiative, which he hopes will further boost the numbers of females in the field.

“Aussie Racing Cars has always been about having fun on the race track, and we’re very grateful to have CAMS’ support to encourage more women to get involved,” Quinn said.

“We’re very proud to have the greatest participation of women in any Australian national category, and the more the merrier as far as I’m concerned.

“Ruth in particular is testament to the fact that Aussie Racing Cars is a great category for women to race in – she’s been here for practically forever – and hopefully more women will join her, Emma, Charlotte, and Madison.”

 CAMS CEO Eugene Arocca said that he was delighted to support Aussie Racing Cars in promoting female participation in the sport.

“CAMS is a major supporter of women’s involvement in motor sport and this initiative is further evidence of that support,” Arocca said.

“Motors port is one of the few sports where men and women can compete with each other in the same arena, and we hope that the prize of the Gala Dinner invitation and Virgin Australia voucher will help promote female participation in the sport.

“Aussie Racing Cars should be commended for attracting four female racers already, but we hope to see even more competing for the Aussie Racing Cars Women’s Cup Presented by CAMS in the future.”


About the Aussie Racing Cars Women’s Cup presented by CAMS

The Aussie Racing Cars Women’s Cup presented by CAMS is a series within a series. Female drivers will not only be eligible for outright series points, but will also compete head-to-head for their own title within each race. A separate points score will be assigned based on position relative to other female drivers.

The winner will be awarded the following prizes at the end of the season:

  • Invitation to the annual CAMS Motor Sport Awards Gala Dinner in Melbourne to receive the trophy
  • $2,000 Virgin Australia Travel Voucher

Current Aussie Racing Cars Women’s Cup presented by CAMS drivers

Driver Debut Total events Total races
Ruth Bowler 2008 56 217
Emma Clark 2016 8 30
Madison Dunston 2016 5 17
Charlotte Poynting 2016 9 34


Aussie Racing Cars 2017 calendar

Round Date Event
4 July 7-9 Townsville 400
5 August 18-20 Sydney SuperSprint
6 October 20-22 Gold Coast 600
7 November 24-26 Newcastle 500


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