STADIUM SUPER TRUCKS legends Robby Gordon and Sheldon Creed got a taste of Aussie Racing Cars at Barbagello last week, here’s what they had to say.

Gordon revelled in his first race in Aussie Racing Cars last weekend. (Pictured in car #57)

The former IndyCar and NASCAR driver got to sample the pocket rockets for the first time in race three of the third round at Barbagallo’s Super Sprint.

“Bill Hynes was racing his Aussie Racing Car but wanted to really focus on his SST today,” Gordon said afterwards.

“It was interesting, the cars are really fun to drive. Sheldon (Creed) ran the last race and we finish eighth and ninth.”

“We both kinda got the car to the same position from last, which was pretty cool.”

Across a career that also included CART, Trans-Am, IMSA, IROC, the Dakar Rally and the Speed Energy Formula Off-Road (SST) series, a series that he had created in 2013, surprisingly he never raced Legend-style cars.

“No never done anything like that before, no Legend racing. They are a bit go-kart-ish, bit UTV-ish to drive.

“Two-wheel drive, they go really fast and the driver sensation makes them feel really quick, because you sit low to the ground,” he added.

Photo Credit: Linda Mandy Digital Realism Media Hub