As a national category most of our race meetings are at Supercar events and as such time is of the essence, this is mostly due to the television commitments.  Last weekend our first meeting for the 2018 Championship was different in that the Aussie Racing Cars were the headlining act at the Baskerville 60th Anniversary race meeting.  It was 12 years since the cars had been there.

What this meant was we had lots and lots of track time, two practice sessions on Thursday, 3 on Friday, qualifying and two races on Saturday and 1 warm up and 2 races on Sunday, it was amazing!

On Thursday afternoon before practice we had the opportunity to undertake a media session like no other, what we mean is there is no possible way we could do this at a Supercars event.  We put our media man Darin Mandy into the back of a car and assembled the 20 cars on the track side grid, first for a photo shoot with all of the drivers up the front.  After that the drivers jumped back into their cars and followed the photography car with Darin hanging out the back for 3 laps.

The first Lap was for still photo images of the whole field right around the 2.1km circuit, and then the second and third laps we shot video of the cars around the whole circuit, and then after turn 3-4 we had the field pass the photo car up the hill.

“Its very rare to get an opportunity to do this kind of media shoots and we jumped at the chance, all the Baskerville crew and our drivers and teams were very accommodating, it was a bit of fun but very worthwhile for our media” said Mr Mandy.

Below is the finished video, we recommend watching till the end to see some other footage and still shots, plus a couple of the moving photos below.

One footnote; unfortunately Ruth Bowler is missing from the photos and video because when she went out for the shoot she had no brakes and had to return to the pits missing the fun. 🙁

Watch out for Sean Rose in the yellow “bumble bee” Camaro get up close and personal to the camera.  And lastly did Western Sydney Motorsport purposely leave their doors open 🙂

(If you cannot see the video below click this link to watch)