A 22 car field of Aussie Racing Cars are ready to race at the sixth round for the 2018 Championship at Sydney Motorsport Park Shannons Nationals



Car # Sponsor Driver State Body Type Colour
3 McDonalds Restaurants Madison Dunston QLD Camaro Red
4 Variety Group Brendon Tucker QLD Camaro Yellow
6 Silkgate Group Ian Chivas QLD Nissan Altima Yellow/Blue
8 Western Sydney Motorsport Justin Ruggier NSW Mustang Black/Gold
11 Supergroups Conplex Constructions Leigh Bowler VIC Camaro White
15 Lustre Bar Melbourne Emma Clark VIC Camaro Orange
16 Osborns Transport Joel Heinrich SA Nissan Altima Blue
21 Uber Graphics Kyle Ensbey QLD Mustang Black
22 Western Sydney Motorsport TBA TBA Mustang TBA
23 Opteon Motorsport Johnathon Bloxsom QLD Nissan Altima Orange
25 Motorsport 25 Reece Chapman NSW Camaro White
29 Western Sydney Motorsport Grant Thompson NSW Mustang Black
36 RDA Brakes/Perenso Joshua Anderson NSW Camaro White
46 PT Painting Pawel Faber NSW Camaro White
47 Procool Racing Troy Jones NSW Camaro TBA
51 RDA Brakes / Lustre Bar Adam Clark VIC Mustang TBA
52 Western Sydney Motorsport Charlotte Poynting NSW Camaro Purple
65 Axil Coffee Roasters David Makin VIC Camaro Grey
68 Western Sydney Motorsport Blake Sciberras NSW Mustang Black
72 Western Sydney Motorsport Craig Thompson NSW Mustang Black
75 KKP Motorsport Kel Treseder QLD Camaro White
96 Aughterson’s Insurance Brokers Jeff Watters VIC Nissan Altima Red