Aussie Racing Cars is proud to confirm that its electric 2 seater ride car dubbed the Aus E Car has successfully completed its first track test after 12 months of development.  ARC Engineer James Ward completed about 30 laps in the car at Norwell Motorplex yesterday afternoon confirming that the car is now ready for its official launch at the Adelaide 500 Supercars Event.

“Aus E Car was unbelievable to drive, its crazy fast and super quite.  Reaching around 190kph on the small Norwell circuit was an absolute buzz.  The car handles a bit different to the conventional single seater ARC cars as it’s slightly wider and heavier due to the batteries but still drives really well.  I can’t wait to unleash it on the Adelaide Parklands circuit and later in the year as we roll it out for driver training and promotional events”

While Aus E Car won’t be seen racing alongside its petrol powered cousins anytime soon, the car showcases Aussie Racing Cars technical ability and engineering know how and serves to demonstrate the possibilities of the next 20 years.

Aus E Car will be officially unveiled at Aussie Racing Cars 20th Anniversary Ceremony on Pit Straight at the Adelaide 500 on Thursday 28th from 9:10am.