There are 3 Easy steps to going racing…

1. Get a Licence

To race an Aussie Racing Car you will need  a minimum  CAMS Provisional Circuit(PC) licence. After 5 events this is elevated to a National Curcuit (NC). For the exact requirements and further information regarding CAMS licences Visit  www.  We can join up in the Aussie Racing Car Club and every assistance will be given to assist you to get your licence with a minimum of fuss.

2. Sourcing an Aussie Racing Car

There are two ways to get on to the track in an Aussie Racing Car – buy your own or lease one from the factory
Leasing an Aussie Racing Car
There are a number of leasing options available from single race to the entire season. You can enter into an arrive and drive arrangement whereby a car will be provided ready to race at the track for the various rounds of the series. This option gives you the flexibility to just turn up, jump in and race at a cost that is much more reasonable than any other true racing class. All transportation, preparation work, race set up and repairs is carried out at the track by the Works Team. Most competitors do not understand the technical aspects for optimum chassis set up and the close association with the works team mechanics will assist you to understand how to get the most out of your car and thereby give you that competitive edge. Your own sponsor signage can be displayed on the car and the factory will arrange everything for you.
Buying a new Aussie Racing Car
Cars are delivered in complete ready to race form with only the owners sponsor signage or livery requirements to be added. Cars are supplied with a chassis set up that is capable of allowing the driver (with the appropriate skill level of course) to win races. A new Euro GT ARC is $62000. A small order deposit is required to confirm the order. Progressive payments are required over the build. Build time is approx 16 weeks but is dependant on varying factors including but not limited to production load, series and race event scheduling, component supply, track test time availability, etc.
Buying a pre-raced Aussie Racing Car Aussie Racing Cars is a strictly regulated category, and aftermarket modifications are not permitted, it is recommended that prospective buyers of pre-raced cars contact the factory to obtain an obligation-free appraisal of the  history of the car you are looking to buy. It is important that the car you are looking at is fully in compliance with the CAMS regulations.
Aussie Racing Cars Licence Agreement
The category is now regarded as the strongest and most successful in Australia and to protect and enhance the investment that car owners have made in the product the manufacturer has issued a  category licence (subject to  terms and conditions) which must be current prior to entry into any events. When purchasing a second hand car you should  check with the seller and have it confirmed with the  manufacturer that  a current agreement is attached to it. A licence system is in place in the majority of National categories including Carrera Cup, V8 Supercars and Utes etc  which have increased in value over time. The second hand car prices has been protected by the agreement system. The Aussie Racing Car Licence agreement gives car owners/competitors a tangible and valuable security in their investment. Whilst its guideline is the traditional motorsport franchise documentation it is tailored to protect and enhance the value of the product.
Can I build my own car?
No-This is a one make category (like Carrera Cup) Cars are only supplied in ready to race form being hand built to an exceptionally high standard. This principle of operation has proven to be a major ingredient to the success of the category as all cars are identical and superbly presented. The resale value of cars has further emphasized the integrity of the product with nearly every second hand car being sold for more than its purchase price (unlike any other class ever).

3. Enter an Event

Once you’re all set, get in contact with us and we’ll help you plan your first event.

Brock Heydon #93

I purchased my second hand 40 Ford from the factory and I cant say enough about the service and quality of the car. It was fitted with entirely new brakes(discs,pads,master cylinders etc) and I even got a warranty on the engine. I have now raced it a few events which have been the thrill of my life

Simon Smith  #95

I traded my FJ Holden on a second hand Falcon from the factory last year. I can honestly say it has performed far in excess of my wildest expectations. The car was delivered to me ready to race in every respect. The works team  have been a great help at every event assisting me with anything I need particularly setting up the car to suit my style of driving. The car is fantastic and the assistance I get is just as fantastic, I plan to be in this class for a long time.